History Of Australia

During the time of European discovery as well as settlement, up to 1 million Aboriginal people lived through the continent as predators and gatherers. Australia’s Aboriginal people were thought to include arrived there simply by boat from Southern region East Asia during the last Ice Age, at least 50, 000 years ago. A number of European explorers sailed the coast of Australia, then seen that New Holland, in the 17th century.

The initial members who found its way to what is right now Australia were your Australian Aborigines as well as Torres Strait Islanders.
There are six states as well as two mainland territories in Australia.

Australia’s six states became a nation under a single constitution on 1 Economy is shown 1901. Today Australia is home to people from over 200 countries.
Canberra is the Capital of Australia.
Major Cities in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, as well as Hobart.


Australia has four different climatic seasons namely spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter. The climate of Australia varies widely due to its large geographical size, but by far the largest part of Australia is desert or semi-arid. The hottest temperature recorded in Australia was 50.7 °C (123.3 °F) at Oodnadatta in South Australia. Summer daytime temperatures range from 32 to 40 °C (90 to 104 °F). In winter, this falls to 18 to 23 °C (64 to 73 °F).

Population And Culture

By the end of September 2013, 23,193,673 people are residing in Australia. This figure means that Australia is the 52nd largest country in the world in terms of population. Since 1945, more than 7 million people have come to Australia as new settlers.

Australia’s migrant population has historically been largely from a European background. In the year May 2013, there was an increase of 168,000 recently arrived overseas born migrants aged 15 plus in Australia. Of these, 108,200 were employed. This is almost as large as the 126,000 increase in employment in the year 2013.

Currency Of Australia

Currency-A$-Australian Dollar
1 A$=48(approx)