Study in USA

United States, the country that has experimented with democracy for over 200 years is economically strong and culturally today with the base being immigrants. The United States has more higher education institutions than any other country, but despite the number is the quality of education provided by these academic institutions is recognized worldwide. Educational strengths of these institutions lead the authorities in their respective fields. The quality of the research program with the resources available and the faculty ensures that institutions have high standards.

Capital:Washington, D.C.
Largest Cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Detroit, Dallas Phoenix, San Antonio
Population:318.9 million (2014)


The USA is a great country, its climatic condition varies from one place to another. There will be temperate climate in most parts of the country. Usually half south and west of the country will be warmer than other regions and extreme hot in summer. Half eastern and north will be extremely cold and heavy snowfalls in winter and will be nice in the summer. Places like Hawaii and Florida have tropical climate, frost in places around Alaska and semi-dry regions in Great Plains west of the Mississippi River and dry Great Basin of the southwest region.


United States is the country with diverse cultures and is home to large groups of ethics, customs and values. US people tend to human values and socio-economic triumph. People and culture of the United States is very different from the Indians. Students choosing universities come through the regional culture and rich traditions and customs.


Currency- US$- United States Dollar
1 US$=62(approx)