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Our Services – Study Abroad

UStudent.in started to be with a sole motto for providing a one-stop solution for all the students and professionals who wish to upgrade their career in abroad. UStudent, having highly educated and expert counselors providing support to the students with the first hand experiences and help them in selecting the right career path. We provide excellent services to the students through our trained counselors with individual consideration.

Studying abroad is no longer meant for the world class Indians. At present, many students belongs to middle class families choose to pursue higher studies abroad. These students benefit study loans and scholarships so as to chase their dreams abroad. Moreover, at UStudent dedicated study abroad counselors make the journey simpler for the students.

At UStudent we understand the needs and expectations desires of individual students and recommend them the education institution as per their requirements. We deal with everything their needs beginning from selecting the course in the desired foreign college/university till they arrive on campus.

We are the trusted partner of different International Universities & Colleges and have a network of more than 600 universities found in the significant study abroad destinations over the globe including USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Germany and so on.

Our Services Include

  • One to One Career Counseling
  • Study Program Selection
  • University Short Listing & Admissions
  • Documents Preparation support
  • Visa Assistance
  • Scholarships & Education Loans support
  • Standardized Tests Preparation
  • Travel Arrangements and many more….

Career Counseling

Before setting out on the career of your dreams, you have to invest some energy making sense of what those dreams are and how to transform them into reality. That’s the place UStudent comes in. The first step towards this is self-assessment. Ustudent assists you figure out what skills you’ve developed and the types of things you do well.

Choosing the right course in the right university

Once we have chosen a career path for a student, we advise students which University they should apply to pursue his/her education. It’s important to invest some time getting the opportunity to know your hobbies and preferences. Ustudent will develop a profile of your academic, social and professional expectations. This advice is based upon interaction with the student, his/her own, academic and financial profile/constraints. Your academic history will be discussed in detail and in addition any extracurricular activities, sports, talents, or community service.

Admission Guidance

We assist you with the filling of online/ Paper based application forms, guide you in planning of different documents like Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose. This task is somewhat difficult for students, yet most essential, and goes generally ignored. Ustudent will guide you through the process. Our standard subsequent meet-ups with the Universities bring about positive and fast reaction.

Visa Assistance

Our experienced advisers help students with visa applications. High commissions and embassies continue to modify their requirements all the time visa; with this in mind, we provide a list of documents that the High Commission or Embassy requires you, provide guidelines for the financial statements and help them set up the document to meet the requirements of different high commissions to guarantee 100% success Visa.

Scholarship Assistance

We provide complete information about different scholarships offered by different universities. Almost all University offers scholarships or scholarships for international students. These can range from general grants to scholarships from the Ministry. There are many financing options for students who may not normally pay the costs associated with higher education. Student loans with simple allocations, these sources can fundamentally expand your possibilities of finishing your desired academic career.

Travel Assistance

Ustudent helps the candidate for airline ticket booking through different travel agencies at a discounted rate. We take care of booking flights for our students well in advance to allow for ideal dates of departure, roads and discounts. Travel arrangements, foreign exchange, insurance, bank account in a foreign country, telephone services moving to a foreign country and other facilities, and will all be taken care of by us.

Post Education Services

Once a student returns after being trained at the University of his own Choice, we offer services for employment and business advice. Our own particular HR Counseling can help to get a job or provide you with connections and key contacts if you want to create a business.