Living Cost

Cost of Living in GERMANY

With an economy which is the third largest in the world, Germany is renowned for the high quality and commitment to high standards of living. The multicultural heritage of Germany makes studying in Germany a front runner in providing successful and ambitious people seeking students, looking for a way to fulfill the dreams and aspirations. The metropolitan lifestyle, picturesque landscapes, booming industrial towns, legendary castles, hills and rolling mountains make Germany a favorable destination and welcoming study and realize your desires.

Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance to know the cost of studying and living in Germany, while traveling abroad. Interestingly, Germany is not too expensive, compared to other European countries. In fact, the cost of living is moderately lower than the other Scandinavian countries, which makes living in Germany very affordable. In addition, education costs are equivalent to zero when you have to pay only the tuition fee, but the same changes to the selected program and the duration of the program. However, costs of all other accessories in Germany differ widely across the country. While the accommodation in Leipzig is less expensive, study and life in Munich higher costs.

Living And Other Expenses In Germany

Cost of living in Germany includes accommodation, food, books and educational materials, recreation, utility bills, transportation, clothing, and telephone charges. The overall cost of residing amounts to about 12,000 euros per year, depending on where you live and your lifestyle. As such, living in East Germany can be a better deal for students who planned their trip carefully and tactically.

Accommodation Costs In Germany

Living in Germany is important to your salary. Depending on your way fo life and the resort, you can wind up spending too much on any place somewhere around 100 and 600 euros every month on accommodation. Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich are more costly, with rents as high as 350-600 euros per month, while Dresden, Jena, Chemnitz, Erfurt and Ilmenau offers the cheapest accommodation rates at about 186 euros per month. For a more affordable deal, rooms in the student hall of residence range from 75 to 225 euros per month, depending on the area you live in, while sharing accommodation in the same hall of residence may even be offered at less than $ 75.