Living Cost

Cost of living in SINGAPORE

Singapore was rated as one of the safest places on the globe to live having its low crime fee, political stability in addition to peaceful people. It is a dynamic place using a strong tourism business and organized services. Students have a choice of kitchens, consumer brands to select which is suited to all pockets.

Singapore is probably the most effective, affordable and user-friendly transport systems on earth. There are prepared systems where people should form an orderly queue to utilize transport services. There are lots of accommodation options there for students. The institutions can help in arranging accommodation for you could be in apartments or maybe private university homes.

Lower costs of living and the proximity of your home make it a fascinating alternative to study in the UK or the US. The PEis deliver degrees in these kind of countries to tuition lower than on the primary campus. The degrees which you would get would be like if you used to be a student in the primary campuses of these universities in the UK, Australia or the United States.

The living costs in Singapore are generally between 12, 000 for you to 14, 000 SG dollar.

The range involving tuition fees regarding UG and PG plans are described under
UG – SG dollar 20000 – 30000 each year
PG – SG dollar 25000 – 35000 each year