Living Cost

Cost of Living in UK

The cost of living in the UK varies according to the type of accommodation and personal expenses. You can opt for full board Campus or independent accommodation and off-campus housing. If you choose to stay in a private apartment and not in a University accommodation, you are liable to pay Council Tax is a cost to the local community services, such as firefighters, police, garbage collection, etc. Besides accommodation, the cost of living UK includes expenses on books, food, travel, clothes, groceries, laundry and telephone bills.

You should always try to arrange your long-term accommodation before you leave home. Your institution should be able to help you. College’s student counselors can advise you on how to find housing and universities hosting agents.

Living Expenses: GBP£

  • London: £9,180 per annum (minimum)
  • Rest of UK: £7,380 per annum (minimum)

When you accept a place to study, you should receive an information package that will include hosting information. Fill the housing application form and return it by the date indicated. Although the residential housing is not available, there will be a hosting advisory board that can help you find a private dwelling.
If you come to the UK for the first time, accommodation provided by your college or university may be the best choice. This is a choice taken by more than half of international students on courses in the UK.