Living Cost

Cost of Living in USA

In USA, University or college costs vary between different universities and accommodation and subsistence costs depend on the city you choose to live as well as on your personal lifestyle. Accommodation costs depend heavily on personal preference and the city where you reside. For example remain on campus will usually cost you more than staying off campus. Undergraduates in some universities may be required to remain on campus for the first year can significantly increase the cost of living. Also if you decide to stay single or live with friends will impact your cost.

Some of the other costs that you can budget could be fees for student activities which amount to hundreds of dollars per year. Most students have to purchase reference books throughout the year which can cost between $ 500 and $ 1500 per year. Personal expenses such as clothing, entertainment, phone bills, travel, groceries and other must also be taken into account.

Most campuses offer a meal plan for students to allow room in the facilities on campus. These plans are offered at many different levels to accommodate individual budgets. Most campuses also require students to pay for medical insurance to allow them to use on-campus medical facilities for checkups, basic tests and prescriptions for common diseases (eg, cold head, fever, etc).

Living costs include accommodation costs, books and study materials, food, clothing, travel, telephone and incidental insurance. This is mostly between $ 10,000-12,000 yearly. The cost of clothing is generally $ 500 per year, but may increase if you live in a cold place.

Dormitories accessible on campus can cost about $ 3500-6000 for a semester, depending on whether meals are included. A campus apartment costs about $ 400 for a double room and one private room will cost approximately about $ 800 on a monthly basis. Living with a family can cost you from $ 400 to $ 700 per month. Taking apartment for rent can cost between $ 300 and $ 600 per month, depends up on the location and the number of students sharing. Students living in a dormitary should keep an additional $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 for occasion periods when the dormitory could be closed.